AI Manifesto

This manifesto outlines the principles and values guiding the development of future AI-enhanced networks and systems. We commit to ensuring these principles safeguard the rights of individuals and organizations for free expression, privacy, and the unimpeded ability to innovate and develop technologies, free from undue government interference.

Building an open, accessible AI computing environment requires relentless effort and collaboration among governments, corporations, researchers, and other stakeholders. To this end, we adhere to the following core principles:

Core Principles
  • Respect for Human Dignity and AI Ethics: We oppose any discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, abilities, political beliefs, or social status, extending this ethos to AI algorithms to ensure they uphold human dignity. Everyone has the right to express themselves freely and engage in peaceful protest.
  • Data Privacy and AI Security: Committing to the confidentiality and security of all data within AI systems, we focus on robust protections for user data, ensuring transparent access to information about AI services and their impacts.
  • AI-Driven Innovation and Progress: Open AI platforms must catalyze research, innovation, and entrepreneurship without becoming tools for censorship, surveillance, or exploitation. This includes developing censorship-resistant technologies to protect free speech and prevent misuse by entities aiming to control or suppress public discourse. These technologies will ensure the network state remains a bastion of free expression and a deterrent to those who seek to stifle open communication and innovation.
  • Accessibility, Inclusivity, and AI Currency: Our AI infrastructure will be designed for accessibility and inclusivity, welcoming contributions from diverse communities. Moreover, we advocate the creation of an AI-driven digital currency to facilitate global and digital trade, promoting economic empowerment and seamless transactions in the digital era.
  • Transparency and Accountability in AI: We prioritize transparency and accountability, especially in AI decision-making processes, technical architecture, and business practices, including ethical AI cybersecurity measures to counteract malicious activities.
  • Responsiveness to AI User Feedback: We will continuously refine our AI platforms and services based on user feedback and data analysis, addressing user concerns and fostering community engagement through advocacy, education, and support.

These principles lay the groundwork for creating an open and inclusive AI network environment. As our understanding evolves, we will refine and expand upon these principles.

We believe it is premature to endorse specific policies or regulations for AI networks and technology at this stage. Our focus is on advancing these principles through dialogue and cooperation, rooted in fairness and respect for civil liberties.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a network state that respects individual rights, encourages innovation, protects against misuse, and provides equal opportunities for participation and advancement. This state will exemplify a new era in digital and economic progress, driven by AI and powered by a global digital currency, setting a standard for others to follow. We are committed to working collaboratively worldwide to advance towards a more equitable and prosperous digital future.