Designed for Trusted Automation
EVM Compatibility
EVM-equivalence means compatibility with current Ethereum tools and access to a greater network of  liquidity and developers.
Open-Source Codebase
Leverage our set of customizable open source AI applications to deploy your own on-chain AI models in minutes.
Verify your AI Data
Enhance your AI data value by using advanced zkProving technology for off-chain data verification.
Earn Rewards
Miners receive rewards for providing affordable AI computing power to open source AI developers.
Exciting news! "GPT Protocol" joins NVIDIA Developer Program, enhancing our AI tools for users.
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Navigating Regulatory Challenges in DePin Innovation
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Buy, Stake & Earn More
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We’re Committed to Building the Internet of AI.
Create sovereign AI technology that is truly open and censorship-resistant.
Enable transparency of your AI data on-chain in order to participate in federated learning and collective intelligence.
Become part of the movement to build a more free and creative “AI Internet”.
Validating AI Mining with Proof of Resources
Proof of Resources is a validation protocol that not only quantifies the computational assets of operators and workers in AI mining but also verifies the completion and accuracy of AI processing tasks within a decentralized grid computing system. This ensures the integrity and efficiency of the network by confirming both the availability of necessary resources and the successful execution of assigned tasks.
A Scalable and Secure AI Blockchain
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Gas Fees
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